James Bragg

Quickly becoming something of a legend in the Wasteland.




James is a 3rd generation member of the Bowery tribe. The tribe had started to act more and more like a mercenary group and that didn’t sit well with James’ dad, Dirk. He decided that he would eliminate the current leader of the tribe, Scar Mactavish and supplant him. He planned an attack in the middle of the night, but somehow word of this attack got back to Scar.

When Dirk and James’ older brother, Kieran, attempted to attack Scar they were ambushed. His bodyguards mercilessly beat them and then proceeded to execute them while James and his sister Haley watched. In a fit of rage James charged Scar and attempted to stab him in the throat. Scar saw the attack coming at the last second, and put his hand up to prevent it. He deflected the attack, but lost his pinkie in the process. As blood began to spurt everywhere, Scar wailed in pain. Scar’s bodyguards rushed to his side to tend to his wound, and James used the confusion as a chance to run. As James and Haley were fleeing the compound, the bodyguards opened fire and Haley was shot twice in the back. James knew she was dead as soon as he felt her hand go limp, but he tried to carry her to the exit. He was forced to leave her lifeless body at the gate in order to save himself, and he vowed to get his revenge when the opportunity presents itself.

James Bragg

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