Thrash Subotai

A chem craving thief, who suddenly doesn't like chems.




He styles himself after a character from an old hollywood holodisk.

Not much is known about Thrash. He grew up in The Village, but left it as a young man to go live with the tribe that lives under the Triboro Bridge. After being there for a short time he began to realize they were more raiders then a tribe. Thrash decided this was not the way his life was meant to be lived, and decided he would leave them the next chance he got. He also decided that before he left he would poison the drinking supply of the leaders of the tribe. What came of this poisoning attempt is unknown to Thrash. After leaving the tribe, he went back to The Village to live and but it didn’t take long for him to realize that he wanted to see the rest of the Wasteland.

Thrash Subotai

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