Sonny Underwood

Wasteland scavenger, wanderer and all around handyman.





Where Sonny is actually from, and who his real family is remains unknown. He was found at the age of 4 while picking through a pile of trash by a man known as “Pops” to most of The Village. Pops took him in, taught him to read and raised him like his own. Sonny used the tattered books that Pops had found in his travels to teach himself about pre-war technology. One day, while scavenging an abandoned building, they were attacked by raiders and Pops was killed. Since then Sonny was been on his own, mostly wandering with no destination. He would eventually set up shop in Pops’s old store, “Pops ’Lectronics,” and also began rolling with a small group of equally eccentric Wasteland adventurers. Recently, he and his fellow misfits joined up with the Guardian Angels, not too long after saving their leader, Curtis Sliwa.

Sonny Underwood

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